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Burial Assistance Program


The NVOK Burial assistance program is income/need based and is only available when there are no other resources available to pay the cost of the funeral/burial. Our Tribe provides minimum burial expenses according to the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) payment standards, which are established by the Assistant Secretary of the BIA.


  • Deceased must be Alaska Native/American Indian who meets the criteria as required by 25 CFR 20.300.
  • Income based and deceased must NOT have sufficient resources to be eligible. This includes, but is not limited to SSI, Veterans Death Benefits, Social Security, and donations from other organizations.)
  • Deceased must have resided in the service area for at least the last six (6) consecutive months of his/her life.
  • Extended family/surviving spouse may apply for deceased.


  • Determination of need will be accomplished on a case-by-case basis using the BIA payment standard.
  • Upon determination ha the deceased meets the basic eligibility requirements a voucher can be made to pay the following:
    • Supplies needed to build/buy a casket
    • Transportation of the deceased
    • Funeral feast/potlatch
  • If the family requests assistance for the funeral feast/potlatch, up to four hundred dollars ($400.00) may be provided (this is not in addition to the payment standard formulation related to the funeral, but is part of the cost.)
  • The cost of transporting relatives to and from the community for the funeral is NOT provided with Burial Assistance funds.


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Burial Assistance Program

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