Programs :

Tribal & Family Services

General Assistance Program

This assistance program has been designed to help meet the essential needs of food, shelter and heat. This program is also a secondary resource, meaning in order for a person to qualify they have to apply with all other resources before they apply to the NVOK program. Eligibility will be reviewed monthly or as needed in order for a client to quality for GA services. Clients much also work with TFS team members to develop and sign an Individual Self-Sufficiency Plan (ISP).
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Burial Assistance Program

The Burial Assistance (BA) program is based on eligibility and income and given only in the absence of other available resources (e.g., NAB, NANA, KIC, etc.).
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Indian Child Welfare Program

The purpose of ICWA is to: Protect AN/AI Children, Preserve and strengthen AN/AI families, Ensure permanency for AN/AI children, Protect the continuing existence of AN/AI cultures, Ensure that Tribes can exercise their sovereign authority over child custody proceedings. It is through relations with family, elders, tribal community, and culture that the AN/AI child’s sense of permanence and identity is protected.

ICWA ensures that the NVOK intervenes on behalf of an enrolled Tribal child/children (or a child/ children who are identified as eligible for enrollment), when the child is determined by the State of Alaska Office of Children’s Services (OCS) to be a Child In Need of Aid. During the CINA process, State OCS provides financial assistance on behalf of the AN/AI who requires placement.
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Medical Food Voucher Assistance Program

This program is designed to assist client(s) who have medical issues to purchase essential needs when they have to travel out of town for advanced medical needs.
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Program Contact

Bibianna Scott

Tribal Family Services Director
442-3467, ext. 205
442-5305 direct
442-4013 fax