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Medical Food Voucher Assistance Program

The Native Village of Kotzebue may/can provide limited food assistance in medical emergencies for tribal members who leave Kotzebue for extended medical treatment as ordered by the hospital or clinic in Kotzebue. This particular assistance is managed by the Tribal Family Services Department and will provide aid two (2) times per year per patient.

To pre-qualify for this assistance, the following situation must exist:

  1. The patient must be a tribal member of the Native Village of Kotzebue (and have updated/current information on file with the Tribal Enrollment Office).
  2. The request will be required to be made two (2) weeks in advance unless it is a medi-vac emergency.
  3. The patient must provide a written form from their doctor or certified health care provider.
  4. The patient is required to be away from home for a minimum of one (1) week or longer by orders from a doctor or certified health care provider.
  5. It is the patient/escort responsibility to follow up on the required paperwork before a voucher/check is issued.

Downloadable Forms

PDF fileMedical Food Voucher Assistance Application PDF (80 KB)

Program Contact

Aurora Hoffman

Tribal Family Services Specialist
(907) 442-3467 ext. 217
(907) 442-5317 direct
(907) 442-4013 fax