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The transportation priorities for Kotzebue consist of an integrated set of roadway improvement and construction projects needed to meet the current and projected economic development, housing, health, safety, preservation, and program management goals within the community.

Our transportation goals requires a balance between maintaining our traditional way of life and maintaining necessary services such as providing access to new homes, businesses, port development, airports, jobs, energy projects, etc. Additional transportation activities within the tribe include enhancement projects identified to include interpretive displays with cultural signage and picnic areas, such as those that were developed along the Shore Avenue bump out. Potential funding sources must be identified for each project before a Tribal Transportation Improvement Plan (TTIP) can be developed so that a TTIP can then be adopted by the Tribal Council. The majority of funding for transportation projects for Kotzebue is through the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). The BIA Division of Transportation provides management and oversight of the road maintenance and road construction programs for the BIA in Indian Country.

Transportation related program activities are provided directly through agreements including: Operation and Maintenance of Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) roads; Tribal Transportation Program (TTP) formally known as Indian Reservation Road Program (IRR); and Programs administered through the Federal Highway Administration that are specifically related to TTPs.



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